At Dandas Services we specialise in van fit commercial pressure washers, offering a compact solution to your on-site pressure washing equipment requirements.

Van-fit systems can be supplied and fitted either with or without a tank and frame and can be specifically designed to fit your vehicle. 

Our standard tanks range from 400L – 1250L and are available as upright or flat models and are baffled for safety. The size of tank, frame and commercial pressure washer best suited to your van will very much depend on the legal weight capacity (see the weight plate, usually on a permanent fixing in the door opening area) of your vehicle and it is essential that you don’t exceed the permitted weight limit. 

There are a huge range of options available for van-fit solutions including Honda petrol (electric or manual start) and Yanmar diesel engines (electric start) – with pumps from 12LPM – 150 bar – 2200psi – right through to 21LPM – 250 bar – 3600psi.

We also have a large selection of commercial pressure washer accessories including flat surface cleaners, pressure washer hoses, telescopic lances & much more. Browse our shop or call us on 01772 432 700 to see our available stock!

Please contact us to discuss the right commercial pressure washer for your business.


Skid Mounted Pressure Washers or Spec Build Pressure Washers can go by many different names. These include things such as Van-Fit Pressure Washers, Truck Mounted Pressure Washers, Van Mounted Pressure Washers, Built-in Pressure Washers or Tank Pressure Washers.

All of the washers we supply can be used as commercial pressure washers due to their high power and LPM capacity. Before you make a purchase or pick a pressure washer we advise you call our expert team to discuss your requirements. We will be more than happy to help you, ensuring you have the correct water-flow, LPM capacity and equipment to get the job done right.